Imaging Services

Patient care delivered with compassion, comfort, and unparalleled professional expertise is the cornerstone by which we practice at all of our locations.Additionally, at our Encino location we are proud to offer an extraordinary imaging experience for our patients utilizing the most advanced Open MRI technology in its class. We are devoted to caring for patients who are claustrophobic, anxious or too large to undergo an MRI examination in a "closed" environment.

  • Warm welcoming smiles, a reassuring explanation of the procedure, a comforting environment, and technological excellence are what make Max MRI the best choice for all of your MRI needs.
  • Expanded applications
  • Enhance workflow
  • Enjoy the experience
  • FreeWave data acquisition system with scalable 32-channel architecture
  • SENSETM reduces scan times, improves image resolution, and expands applications capabilities
  • Powerful Galaxy gradients family includes dual mode capability - up to 66 mT/m - SR 160
  • MobiScantotal body imaging in a single pass, providing a virtually unlimited field-of-view
  • IView BOLD imaging enables direct assessment of brain functional studies in real-time
  • SameScan for accurate and reproducible follow-up studies
  • SENSETM coils for all applications

Our fleet of Philips MRI systems provide the finest image quality with unparalleled patient comfort and safety.

For over 25 years, MAX MRI Imaging, Inc. has been providing patients, medical professionals, and personal injury and worker’s compensation attorneys with the convenience of available appointment times, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, quick and accurate reporting, highly trained and certified staff members and board certified radiologists. Personal injury liens, worker’s compensation liens, medicare and most major insurance accepted. Located throughout Southern California, MAX MRI continues to grow in San Diego, Orange County and L.A. County to best serve your needs.

For Physicians

Since 1989, MAX MRI Imaging, Inc. has provided high technology diagnostic services for the Southern California medical and legal community.

For Patients

Procedure Info & Patient Preparation • Patient Confidentiality and Privacy • Patient Rights • Patient Responsibilities and Billing Information

For Attorneys

We understand the challenges that attorney’s face, which is why we accept both personal injury liens and workers’ compensation liens.

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